1st AKG D12
1st AKG D12e
1st AKG D112
3st Astatic gooseneck
1st Audio Technica AT816
1st Audix OM2
2st Beyer Dynamic M160 Ribbon
1st Beyer Dynamic M610 Dynamic
1st Beyer Dynamic M66 Dynamic

1st Beyer Dynamic M88 Dynamic Silver
1st Beyer Dynamic M88 Dynamic Black
1st Beyer Dynamic M260 Ribbon
1st bang & Olofsen BM3 RCA Ribbon
1st Bang & Olofsen BM5 Ribbon
1st Bang & Olofsen BM6 Ribbon
2st DPA 4011A
1st DPA 4017
2st DPA 4060
2st DPA 4090
6st DPA 4099
2st DPA D:Facto
1st Golden Age R1 Ribbon
1st Golden Age R2 Ribbon
2st GrooveTubes GT 33
2st GrooveTubes GT 44 Tube
1st GrooveTubes GT 67 Tube
1st GrooveTubes VELO-8 Ribbon

2st Milab DC 196 LTD edition Stereo matched pair
3st Milab TL 63
1st Neumann KM 84
2st Neumann TLM 103
1st Neumann U 47 fet i
2st Neumann U87
2st LineAudio CM 3
1st LineAudio QM 12i Quad
1st Pearl ELM-A
4st Qmic
1st Röde NT1 (1st edition)
2st Sennheiser MD21
7st Sennheiser MD421n
1st Sennheiser MD 441
3st Shure SM 57
2st Shure SM 58
1st Shure Beta52
2st Thuresson CM 501
2st Thuresson 47
2st Thuresson Nisse Cardoid
2st Thuresson Nisse Omni
1st Wunder Audio CM7 M7 capsule
2st YoBrother
10st div kontaktmikrofoner
24st div Svanhals Bordsmikrofoner

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